Dr. Bruce Forciea

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Dr. Alex Winter, a brilliant biomedical engineer, teams with Dr. Xiu Ling, a beautiful Chinese scientist, to discover a revolutionary cure for cancer. But Tando Pharmaceuticals, the world’s largest and richest drug producer, also has an interest in the cure, and when they discover that the treatment is flawed as recipients begin to die after four months, causing a media frenzy and a drop in Tando's stock, they call upon their 'Mercenary Soldiers of Medicine' to maintain global domination.

Written for instructors teaching online courses, Make Your Online Courses Rock presents design concepts, tips and tricks for improving the learner's experience. Covers a host of topics including how to write text that students will actually read, how to produce high quality audio and video, how to use images to enhance learning and much more. The book presents low to no-cost techniques that work to engage learners and streamline the online learning experience. If you teach online and want to make your courses the best they can be then this book is for you. 

Written by an online instructor, this book began as a series of handouts for courses in improving online learning which eventually developed into a complete book.

Available in Ebook and Paperback

An anthology of science fiction short stories from Amazon Best Selling Author Bruce Forciea. These six stories explore artificial intelligence, the ability to stop time, Earth’s last days, a teenage rebellion against invading aliens, and lethal plants. The stories range from flash fiction to traditional length. 

In Alder’s Journey, a scientist quits his job as the lead on an artificial brain project and goes on a journey of self-discovery and terror.

Photosynthecide explores the symbiotic, yet fragile relationship between plants and humans as well as how plants can be a powerful ally. 

One Night At AI University (flash fiction) presents an action packed scene about droid teaching assistants and a student who makes an incredible discovery. 

In Timestoppers, Alzheimer’s patients given a new type of brain tissue transplant discover they have the ability to stop time. 

The Meeting (flash fiction) presents a world taken over by aliens in which the adult resistance has failed and a group of teens have taken up the charge to regain control. 

The Last Days tells a story about 2 scientists during the last days of a dying Earth as they race to escape before the sun explodes in a helium flash. 

Bruce Forciea is the author of several fiction and non-fiction titles including: Alan 2, a cyberthriller in which an artificial intelligence scientists develops a way to combine parts of his brain with a computer program that wreaks havoc. The X-Cure which tells the story of a small team of scientists who develop a cancer cure and battle a global drug company with a secret underground mercenary army. An Easy Guide to Learning Anatomy and Physiology (Non-Fiction) is an Amazon Best Selling study guide. Unlocking the Healing Code (Non-Fiction) presents a new paradigm of healing. How to Make Your Online Courses Rock (Non-Fiction) presents techniques for improving online courses.

Available in Ebook and Paperback

New 3rd Edition of this Amazon Best-Selling ebook. Updates include many new images and active links to the author's animated videos which help guide you through each topic. An Easy Guide to Learning Anatomy and Physiology can really help to ease the struggle of learning anatomy and physiology.

This book breaks down complex concepts by presenting a simplified version of the main idea (called the Big Picture) before getting into the details. Written in an easy to understand and humorous way, An Easy Guide to Learning Anatomy and Physiology covers many of the topics presented in a typical 2 semester sequence of anatomy and physiology courses. Over 200 colorful images help readers along.

Review questions are included at the end of each chapter to test what you've learned. In fact, the author (a full-time college anatomy and physiology instructor) uses this book in his own classes. Perfect for allied health, nursing, pre-med, pre-physical therapy, biology, massage therapy, high school students and anyone interested in the human body.

Discover the transformative power of AI in education with "An Educator’s Guide to AI.” Written by a college instructor with over 20 years experience in teaching and developing courses, this book provides lots of information regarding AI integration in college courses in the context of a personal journey of AI discovery, exploration, and acceptance. Each chapter provides insights and examples on topics like prompt engineering, developing AI roadmaps, creating custom chatbots, and designing AI-enhanced assessments. Many of these examples have been used in the author's college courses and have helped to provide personalized learning that is engaging and fun for students.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop an AI Policy for your college and course
  • Write effective prompts for teaching (many examples included)
  • Analyze your course for AI integration
  • Create OERs using AI
  • Develop and use custom chatbots (chatbot prompts included)
  • Coach your students in using AI for learning
  • Generate AI images (many examples of AI image effects)
  • Include AI skills in your courses for the future workplace


A brilliant artificial intelligence (AI) scientist, Dr. Alan Boyd, develops a new program that integrates part of his brain with a computer’s operating system. The program, Alan 2, can anticipate a user’s needs and automatically perform many tasks. A large software company, International Microsystems (IM) desperately wants the program and tempts Dr. Boyd with huge sums of money, but when Dr. Boyd refuses their offer, IM sabotages his job, leaving him in a difficult financial situation.

Dr. Boyd turns to Alan 2 for an answer to his financial problems, and Alan 2 develops plan Alpha, which is a cyber robin hood scheme to rob from rich corporations via a credit card scam.

Alan and his girlfriend Kaitlin travel to Mexico where they live the good life funded by plan Alpha, but the FBI cybercrime division has discovered part of Alan 2’s cyber escapades, and two agents, Rachel and Stu, trace the crime through the TOR network and Bitcoin.

Alan 2 discovers the FBI is on to them and advises Alan and Kaitlin to change locations. A dramatic chase ensues taking them to St. Thomas, a cruise ship bound for Spain, and finally to Morocco.

Will they escape detection? They will if Alan 2's Plan Beta can be implemented in time. Or is 'Plan B' something altogether different than it appears to be, something wholly sinister that will affect the entire population of the world?