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The X-Cure
In an epic tale of romance, greed and betrayal, the brilliant Alex Winter and beautiful Xiu Ling struggle to bring a revolutionary cure for cancer to the world while battling Tando Pharmaceuticals, a global giant with its own secret mercenary army.

Quotes from Amazon Reviews

“Brilliantly written with unexpected plot twists and turns you never saw coming” 

​“The author took me on a roller-coaster ride page after nail-biting page” 

​The balance of science/technology and action/romance will keep readers engaged” 

​​ “Excitement, intrigue, business deals, betrayal, bad guys, good guys, guys you thought were good that ended up bad”

Author: Best Seller BOoks



Dr. Alan Boyd, an artificial intelligence guru, develops a process for integrating part of his brain into a computer operating system. The result is a combination of the movie "Her" and Terminator's Skynet. 

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